Types of Concrete Swimming Pool Tiles

concrete swimming pool tiles

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Your choice of swimming pool tiles spells a world of difference for your outdoor space. Not only will your chosen tiles dictate the appeal of your pool, they will also play directly into the functionality and safety of your home or commercial space. If you need a little guidance in finding the best type of tiles for your swimming pool, check out the following.


Ceramic tiles are some of the most popular types of tiles used for personal and commercial use. Manufactured under high-pressure, these tiles are built to withstand stringent applications and harsh conditions. They also have lower water absorption than other tile types, which makes them ideal for domestic and commercial use. If you opt for ceramic pool tiles, choose those which are resistant to fading, and are frost-free.



Porcelain tiles are also widely popular, particularly because they are gentler than other types of tiles. They come in various forms, shapes, and colours to match a wide range of aesthetic needs. However, they are more brittle than other types of tiles, which makes them more prone to damage from multiple sources.



Glass tiles, like porcelain tiles, come in an array of shapes and sizes for your specific needs. They are also unique in their ability to create optical illusions that will lend more depth to your concrete pools. In terms of functionality, they also rate a high score. Most glass tiles are designed for superior performance and lasting use. Maintenance-wise, they only need to be cleaned properly to ensure their functionality. But they can be expensive.



Mosaic tiles can be either ceramic or glass, and they are chosen for more design flexibility. The sky is the limit when it comes to dressing up the sides of your swimming pool with mosaic tiles. If you opt to use them on your pool floor, make sure to clean their surface regularly. In addition, drain the pool every two years to rid your tiles of any accumulation of dirt, grime, mold, or algae.

There are also stone tiles, if you wish to imbue a more natural look to your swimming pool. They are harder to install, though, as they require sealing to protect them from damage from water absorption.

Or you can choose brick tiles. These are available not only in the popular red, but also in other colours. Like stone tiles, brick pool tiles are porous materials that need sealing before they are installed.