Slip Resistance Tiles in the Different Areas of the Home

To repair, renovate, or simply beautify the home is such a fun and exciting thing. We always love the idea of seeing something new and beautiful in our homes. Many people, they do it in a way that will reflect their personality. Others are after of comfort for the people living in the house. There are also those who want to make their homes more functional. But whatever the reason is, safety should never be compromised. In fact, it should always be priority.

It is a good thing that there are now a lot of ways that we can do to ensure safety in all parts of the home. One of the most popular is the use of slip resistance tiles. Toda, these types of tiles are used in almost all parts of the home.

Dining and Living

Slip resistance tiles are highly recommended especially for those people who have small children or the elderly people living at home. Also, home owners may opt to consider using smaller tiles that come with more grout lines as they would be less slippery. Having low-maintenance tiles in the floor in the dining area can make cleaning a lot easier.



In most cases, people are torn between choosing higher chemical and slip-resistant tiles and low-maintenance tiles. But a choice has to be made and it should be a practical one. The countertops could be tiled for the hot pots. On the other hand, areas for food preparation and worktops need to be protected using tiles that are of great mechanical strength for easier maintenance.



Go for non-slip tiles that have low water absorption qualities and are also resistant to chemicals like soap, bath foams, disinfectants, chemical cleaners, and shampoo. Such type of tiles is low in maintenance. Also, you may opt to use them for creative color combination on floors and walls for better visual relaxation.



For the bedroom, it is important to use tiles that have pleasant color combination that would help create a relaxing and comfortable environment. This would help you relax and even your mind after having a long day at work.


Car Porch and Driveway

This area should not only be non-slip, but should have great mechanical strength tiles installed in here. Also, smaller size of tiles that have more grout lines are a good choice as they give added slip resistance.

Pool and Garden

The garden could be improved with the use of easier maintenance tiles. The type of tiles that are highly slip resistant and has low water absorption will be great for the pool area.

It is indeed evident that tiles have greatly changed how people prefer to beautify their homes. It is exciting that there are now numerous options for tiles to use. You just have to choose one that would be of great benefit to you.

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