Reasons to Choose Carpet for Hospital Flooring

Hospital flooring is something that should be given importance especially that there is high traffic in hospital environments. The industry is highly dependent on the large volumes of customers constantly and in short bursts. 

The crowded and busy nature of this industry are likely to encounter spills and when this happens, accidents could take place. It is also for the same reason that clubs, restaurants, and bars end up with vinyl flooring. Vinyl is one of the most practical choices available today. But aside from vinyl, carpet is another popular choice for hospital spaces.

Design considerations in Hospitality Environment

  • Prone to heavy traffic
  • Prone to spills from foods and drinks that could stain flooring
  • Difficult to maintain because of heavy traffic
  • Accommodates people standing- guests and staff
  • Should have a sense of presence and strong personality to differentiate themselves from competitors
  • Should be aware of safety hazards to minimize public liability problems
  • Should have flexible design options to have stylish and unique interiors.

Carpet Tiles in Hospitality Environment

Many people think that soft flooring is not for hospitality environment. But this is not really the case. In fact, when a specific product meets the challenges of the givens pace, soft flooring becomes more preferred to hard flooring. Carpet tiles or carpet can great greatly help a hospital venue:

  • Noise absorption
  • Increase foot comfort for staff and patrons
  • Better air quality
  • Personalized space with stunning colors and beautiful patterns
  • Cost-effective maintenance of the floor
  • Designing and redesigning in a sustainable way

However, it is important to know that not all soft flooring is best for hospitality environment. But for hospital flooring, carpet tiles generally meet a lot of challenges. This allows for personalization of the space. At the same time, this allows areas with heavy or stained spaces to be replaced at a minimal cost. This also helps minimize slip and trip hazards and increases underfoot comfort while reducing back and leg fatigue for the staff and guests.

There are some manufacturers of carpet tiles that have gone the extra mile when it comes to selecting materials, as well as constructing a product to make it uniquely suited for the hospital environment. You need to look for ones that feature the following to make cleaning and maintenance more effective and easier.

  • Low and dense loop pile construction in order to minimize spill penetration and to perform maintenance easier.
  • Stain-resistant coating for the yarn
  • Features anti-microbial protection to guarantee the life of the product
  • Comes in 50cm x 50cm size to allow cost-effective replacement of the stained sections
  • Wider range of color and design options to choose from.

Carpets can greatly uplift the space in hospitality environments and comes with so many practical and aesthetic benefits. Thus, it would be worth it to consider carpets for your next hospitality project.