pool tile cleaning and maintenance

pool tile cleaning and maintenance

Looking for a pool tile cleaning is a simple as looking in the phone book and hoping you get lucky and find the right company. On the other hand, it can be that you have decided to take on the project on your own. Both of these situations can lead you to a future without your pool, or at the very least, costly repairs. Maybe you even though of asking the neighborhood kids to help.

To get clean pool tile, the proper way to ensure a great job without added repair costs from unskilled work is to use an acid wash or a media blasting from a fully licensed and insured pool tile cleaning company. A pool is covered under the homeowners’ insurance policy EXCEPT, when maintenance, repairs, and cleaning are done by uninsured, unlicensed, and unbounded people. If someone damages your pool while undergoing cleaning by using an acid wash or a media cleaning, your clean pool tile is a cost that will come out of your pocket. These extra-unexpected repairs can add up quickly.
If you have bought a home, and the pool is a complete mess, green algae, tile that has been stained by calcium build-up, and the pool plaster is stained a green, then your best option is to hire a pool tile cleaning company to perform an acid wash. The acid wash will clean all of these obvious problems and allow the pool tile cleaner to spot broken or cracked tile. It is important to have these repaired immediately since water seeping behind the tiles will not only loosen other tiles, but can find it way under the base of the pool. This situation can cause a condition that will have your pool ‘floating’ above the foundation; a dangerous, messy, and extremely costly repair.

A licensed and bonded company that provides pool tile cleaning goes through extensive background checks by the county to ensure the safety of your home, your pool, and the people around your home. Their insurance and license guarantees that they have been fully qualified to perform repairs and the pool tile cleaners that enter your property are protected under the company’s’ insurance. Licensing and bonding shows that the company is dedicated to their business, they will be there for you in the future if questions, concerns, or on the rare occasion, a problem arises. They take their job seriously.

In essence, when looking to have your clean pool tile, look for a reputable company that has all the credentials, will offer you a free estimate, and will take the time to come visit your pool and you, and you will be rewarded with many years of enjoyment in your investment. A good pool tiles cleaner will be happy to share tips and advice to ensure you have many years of pool enjoyment and less maintenance problems in the future.