When Is Pool Resurfacing a Necessity?

pool resurfacing

A pool resurfacing is a project that can bring in a lot of advantages. If you want a swimming pool that looks more appealing, for instance, such a process will truly add to the aesthetic appeal of your exterior accessory. Similarly, if you hope to add to your home’s market value, a newly renovated pool will drive up your property’s price.

However, there are instances when a resurfacing is not only a cosmetic process that is nice-to-have but also a must-have. Three of those instances are as follows.

pool resurfacing

When there is damage on the surface

When damage starts to manifest, an immediate fix is in order. And one of the most significant signs of damage that merit a ready solution is the appearance of damage on the surface. If the gunite is starting to break through, for example, it will keep disintegrating until the issue worsens. When this happens, a pool resurfacing is necessary.


When there are leaks

Another important marker that signals that it is time for a resurfacing is when you start spotting leaks. Such an issue can become a very costly expense, over time. On top of that, you will see a significant reduction in the entertainment that your pool can provide.


When there is consistent staining

Lastly, when it seems like stains can no longer be wiped off no matter how rigorous a cleaning job you do, a resurfacing may be the cure that the pool needs. Consistent and greenish staining, in particular, are very hard to correct, in most instances.


Who To Contact for Quality Results

If you have decided that your pool is up for a resurfacing, commissioning the right type of professional help is important. After all, the advantages that such a project offers should not be wasted on the wrong process that will lead to compromised results. For that reason, make sure that your chosen swimming concrete pool resurfacer has:


  • Extensive experience. One of the best markers that you can use to gauge the competence of a professional or a company is the scope of their previous experience. For this, check to see if they have worked on various similar projects to have a good idea of the depth of their technical expertise with the project. Also, read up on how previous customers have found their service.
  • Comprehensive product support. Also, make sure that your installer can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that whatever issue your pool may have, they will be able to give you the assistance that you need.