3D printing service: What to Look For?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, manufacturer, designer, an artisan, or just a simple individual, a 3D printing service will be of great help in the creation process. This will be instrumental in creating custom parts, prototypes, and products in a shorter time and lesser money. The service is of great use to a manufacturer to print prototypes and parts. On the other hand, if you own a virtual storefront, customers can buy your products and with an 3D printing website, they can be directly shipped to them. Moreover, a designer would be able to bring his concepts to life with scale models and prototypes.


What to Look For?

A 3D printing service does not only print products. It can also address distribution, inventory, customer service, and production. The service can help improve each phase in the supply chain and this can be done without having do major investments in the 3D printing technology.


Is Design- Assistance Available?

If you are just starting in the world of 3D printing, you might be needing services that offer 3D design assistance. Thu, try to find a platform that has a community of 3D designers that can convert 2D renderings into tangible products. The services can also provide helpful tips on how to better optimize designs in order to reduce the cost of production.

There are also some services wherein you can customize thousands of design templates to meet your needs. Go for a website that has a robust package offering of design tools to customize the designs.

Can You Choose Your Materials?

3D services make use of various materials to print a product. Find a platform that provides different materials for you to choose from to meet your needs. For instance, if you are a jeweler, make sure that your custom printer has a great selection of precious metals. On the other hand, if you are an industrial manufacturer, check if the service has technologies and materials needed to produce the components and parts that meet the needs. Always remember that the materials you choose is a big factor in the printing costs, so explore your options to save money.


Does It Offer Multiple 3D Printing Techniques?

The different three-dimensional technologies cater to the varied needs of users and industries. Some of the processes and techniques used in making 3D designs are form and fill, additive manufacturing, stereolithography, and direct laser sintering. It’s a must to look for a service provider that have consultation services which can help you choose the best process or technique applicable.

On the other hand, if you are in deed of short-production of parts, be certain that the platform, as well as the technology you will choose would be able to handle the volume. If there is a need for a prototype, take a look at the turnaround time that the various platforms offer.

Although it is relatively new, you can choose from an array of services available. Choosing the right company mainly depends on various factors such as the market, individual need, and industry so always take your time in choosing.